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We do indeed provide full service website maintenance. Please contact us for a monthly rate that suits your budget.

Well, while we have successfully managed many social media accounts for our customers, most of our customers hangout elsewhere. We also get a lot of referral business.

Nonetheless, we do plan to build out our social communities, as we do believe there is value in social. 

Absolutely! Well written, keyword rich content can improve your overall SEO score and position in organic search results. But be patient. SEO improves over time.

It depends on what what your goals are. If you have a budget for paid advertising, yes we can give your business a boost with engaging, well written ads placed with popular online outlets. 

But do note that other methods of digital marketing such as social media, blogs and SEO may contribute to brand awareness and increased sales over time.

Well, we would not say print is “dead”. However, digital has become so popular that society’s expectations require businesses to at least include digital versions of any printed pieces they offer.

Now, when it comes to books, many readers prefer the old school printed paperbacks and hardcovers over digital. The experience of holding a book in your hands and physically turning the pages is still very desirable. Would you agree?

New entrepreneurs shouldn’t quit their day job until their business revenues can replace their income. Also, every new business should have a business plan (road map) – or at least start with a one-page summary of the business. 

Every new business should build a website. Period.

Lastly, newbies should set aside a budget for advertising/marketing. You can have the best business ever – but if no one knows about you, well, you are just spinning wheels.

Yes, customers do hire us to manage their entire digital presence. This is our specialty.

Well, to date, we have never had an unsatisfied customer. This is largely due to our approach to each project. We take the time to understand our customer’s business, their needs and their goals. We also perform research to inform the best path forward. And, typically, when it comes to design, we give customers options, so they can select what works best for their business.

We strive to make our clients happy

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